Cannon and Carriage is a unique Pirates of the Caribbean roleplay set fifteen years after the events of Curse of the Black Pearl and incorporating some of the events from the three sequels. Cutler Beckett has finally achieved his goal of ridding the region of piracy. Or has he?

But there is something else at work in the Caribbean that is not under the control of the EITC or the Royal Navy. Calypso was not the only god to be trapped within a human form. There are others who have a “piece of the gods” embedded within them and they don’t even know it. Yet. For there are stirrings taking place in the Caribbean. (read the full plot here)

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Gentlemen: 12
Ladies: 9

Civilians: 14
Underground Pirates: 3
Pirates: 0
Privateers: 1
Navy: 2
Mythical: 0


# of gods taken: 1
# of goddesses taken: 2

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Main Mast
Lucretia Daweson
Damian Haynsworth


Co-Creator/Plot Consultant

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Hell of a Place What's Won Is Won

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Terok Nor

Cannon & Carriage

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